Group Messaging Services for Churches

You may have heard of emergency notification services that help family members stay in touch in the aftermath of a disaster. Those same group messaging services can be invaluable to churches as a way to disseminate information among members. text to give church

Some churches have tried various methods of getting information out. One option is to have the church secretary call everyone. At best, this is time consuming and, as the church grows larger, it becomes an impossible task for just one or two people to text giving

Another option that is popular in some churches is a "phone tree". This is where information is spread via a network of people who each agree to call a few members. However, if one of the people in the phone tree misses the call, then everyone who that person was supposed to call will also miss getting the information. This makes the phone tree method quite unreliable.

With a group messaging service, you can disseminate the information to every member of your church with ONE phone call. Whether you have 25 church members or 2500, one phone call is all it takes.

This is great for spreading news such as:

  • Church service cancellations or schedule changes
  • Reminders about turning the clocks ahead or back
  • Updates about church events, such as potlucks
  • Call for assistance for ill or grieving church members
  • Spreading good news, such as the birth of a baby

While the use of a group messaging service is helpful for all churches, no matter the size, they can be especially useful to large churches. Using such services really takes the load off when it comes to making sure that all church members get important information. No one will have to be tied up all day making phone calls. Instead, you can just make one phone call, or send one email or text message and the rest will be taken care of for you.

All you have to do is add all of the church members to your contact list. You will want to include at least one phone number and email address for each member. You can easily add or delete people from your contact list as the membership of your church grows and changes.

Once your contact list is complete, you are ready to start easily spreading news to each member of the congregation. You just contact the group notification service via phone, email or text. That's it! The service will then get the information to every person on your contact list.

Yes, you will have to update the information on your list frequently as phone numbers change, but the process of doing that is very quick and easy. Most pastors and church staff that use a group messaging service agree that the amount of time it saves them is well worth the small cost of using the service.

Church members will feel in the loop, and you can focus on the much more important tasks involved in running a successful church. Register with a group messaging service today and your workload will be instantly lighter.